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Fitness & leisure


Jin-an Hotel Room works on keeping physical fitness habit for guests.  We work for fast and intensive physical exercises to help guests to reach the best result. Guest could make daily body building plan or plan based on the length of staying. WI-FI is available for the guests in the fitness
Health gives you the vitality of life

Swimming pool

There is super luxurious and constant temperature swimming pool with 25 meters in length in Jin-an Hotel Room. That is the best and super excellent place for relaxing and physical exercises.



Gym fitness club has advanced facilities, advanced aerobic exercise and strength training equipment, is equipped with warm water vortex pool, changing room and lounge area and provide 24-hour all-weather open equipment room.



Our massage can enhance the flexibility of joints, and promote blood flow and lymph drainage, lowering blood pressure and pain relief.



Jin-an Hotel Room has luxurious and comfortable sauna which distends and contracts the blood-vessel, enhances blood vessel elasticity and protect with vascular sclerosis by cold and warm stimulation of sauna and washing on whole body.



Join our group or private lessons, let the body, mind and spirit to regain balance.All kinds of yoga postures can enhance the flexibility, strength and balance of human body, can also relieve back pain, arthritis, and physical discomfort symptoms.You can