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Food & Beverage


Jin-an Hotel Room for the guests present delicious gourmet tour round the world .The Jin's Kitchen you with delicate universal theme western food restaurant. Zhen Wei Xuan Chinese restaurant Jane flavour Chinese take you taste authentic local dishes."Xiang" Japanese cuisine let you taste the pure natural delicious Japanese ;Lobby lounge supply light snacks and all kinds of top wine, coffee, fragrant teas good enjoy time together with you. Jin's Pantry food store provides international food delivery service, with homemade chocolate, cake, sandwiches, salad, drink.
New diet

Jin's Kitchen

Seven open top spring city of the new building in western restaurant, cooking, cooking chef site, offer the unique feeling feast for you.


Zhen Wei Xuan

ZHEN WEI XUAN flavour Chinese northeast of local flavor dishes, the chef leading elite team changchun new ji dish and meticulously for you old dishes, authentic, natural and attentively. With nine guest rooms, the classic Chinese style and modern desig


Japanese restaurant

Teppanyaki, sushi bar and private dining rooms, in our heart effort to cook, let a guest to taste the most authentic natural delicious, the most authentic Japanese cuisine.


Jin's Pantry

Guests can make their own delicacies. Self-creation is the essence of gold. Here, you can choose their own salad and sandwich ingredients. It also serves a healthy diet of diners with sugar-free biscuits.


Lobby Lounge

The atmosphere is relaxed, sit in comfortable sofa chair, quiet small drink a cup. It is a good place for negotiation, consultation and leisure to enjoy the fragrant tea and wine.